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Business Storytelling – Top Tips for Creating Stories

As a long-time copywriter and speechwriter, business storytelling is part of my everyday life. Storytelling in business has always been a key part of persuading audiences, whether internal employees or external customers and prospects. But the term “business storytelling” didn’t come into prominence until the early 2000s. If look at Google’s Ngram Viewer (which measures […]

Freedom of Speech in Australia: Why We Need More of It, Not Less

Freedom of speech is the cornerstone for maintaining open societies where dialogue, dissent, and exchanging ideas are cherished. It gives people the right to hold opinions without interference and express these views in public. Australia is known globally as a robust democratic nation. It presents an interesting case study of how freedom of speech is […]

Kick-Ass Sales Presentation and Sales Deck Tips

A kick-ass sales presentation and kick-ass sales deck are what you need when you need to close that big deal. Here are some tips to make your sales pitch to prospective customers to motivate them to buy your product or service. Start by creating a connection Regardless of your industry, business model or market size, […]

Writing a Keynote Speech: Tips for Success

Whether you are an experienced writer or not, writing a keynote speech is the first step in preparing for success when speaking at a conference or other important event. The main responsibility of a keynote speaker is to set the tone for an event or conference program. So a keynote speech needs to be inspirational […]

Storytelling to Empower Your Speeches and Presentations

Storytelling is a powerful tool to use in speeches and presentations. From early childhood, we develop an appreciation for stories and the ideas they communicate. Including storytelling in your speeches and presentations will enable you to convey your message in an entertaining, memorable and indirect way. People will remember good stories and their lessons long […]

Speechwriting: Why Write Your Speech or Presentation?

When I discuss my speechwriting experience with some of the businesspeople I meet, they are surprised that anyone would pay someone for speechwriting services. Common questions include: Why would a person pay for speechwriting services? How can you provide speechwriting if you are not an expert in the field? Is it ethical to have a […]

Five Common Public Speaking Myths

Public speaking myths abound. Over the years I have repeatedly heard and read a number of myths about public speaking. Let’s look at five common myths about public speaking that can hinder the development of speaking and presenting skills if they are believed and followed. Public speaking myth number one: ‘Your words are not that […]