Presentation Skills Training and Coaching

Looking for presentation skills training?

We cater to your unique circumstances and requirements with in-house presentation skills training, online or at your location. 

Our basic format is usually four, three-hour blocks spread over two days separated by lunchtimes, which aids the learning process by allowing time to integrate information. who wants to be overloaded and waste time and forget the information they’ve just learnt? Based on a group size of 8 to 20. This will give you a solid basis for delivering using excellent presentation skills.

You will deliver two prepared speeches as well as evaluate and speak in an impromptu manner and in a number of roles throughout the course giving you the opportunity to make the most of your presentation skills training.

The aim is to give you the basic building blocks for developing and delivering memorable speeches. From this basic module, we can extend to help you refine aspects of your presentation skills, including follow up individual coaching in writing and delivering.

If you are interested in extending beyond the basics, we can offer longer courses that include things such as rhetorical devices for example similes, metaphor or storytelling and more nuanced use of props and slides as well as how to actually read to an audience and stay connected. Speaking is a natural process that can be and should be enjoyable and easy.

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How to improve your presentation skills

 Presentation skills are not rocket science or some arcane art passed down from master to student but a series of simple steps along a path where you gain understanding and confidence of what works vs what doesn’t.

We can help you to unleash your presentation skills; you have them, as you speak to people all the time.

With presentation skills training, we focus on helping you and your team develop excellent presentation skills such as body language, eye contact, use of visual aids to help you build rapport and deliver powerfully in corporate settings.

We will teach you these to help you have a good presentation, effective presentations and more …

‘Deep breaths’, is often the advice given to new speakers along with ‘Don’t read’ and they are really useful strategies but they’re not the whole story you need to feel comfortable speaking … and that’s our aim to help you feel comfortable

Presentation skills training to make you feel more comfortable speaking  

When you do it becomes natural; things will just flow. As Steven Covey said “Start with the end in mind”; see how you want to be at the end of the course – take a moment, do it now…

Not just presentation skills but excellent presentation skills     

How do you feel comfortable? How do you feel confident? Understanding helps as does realising that you can do it and finally practice and practice and practice.

Practice may not make perfect, but it will build confidence!       

This is why we deliberately incorporate a number of minor speaking roles throughout the course structure. Our bite-size repetition brings the mountain of public speaking down to molehills of easy engagements.

If you have a fear of public speaking this is the course for you… to learn presentation skills is to unlock inner strength that will expand your opportunities and set you free to share your ideas.

When you employ the online presentation and effective presentation skills, we teach, honed from years of public speaking …. you will easily connect with colleagues, customers and stakeholders.

Learn presentation tips and skills with our training course and unlock your potential and develop great presentations. 

Delivering your presentation with the subject matter in a manner that ensures the audience pays attention.

What’s included in Speech Power presentation skills training?

As part of your presentation skills training, you will be taught a suite of ideas and techniques that mean successful presentations become the norm. Like anything it takes time to become excellent, speaking well doesn’t take that long. You will have the opportunity to learn how to:

  • Overcome nerves
  • Be more engaging
  • Structure your talks
  • Have greater fluency
  • Be inspiring
  • Own the stage
  • Handle questions
  • Be clearer
  • Use emotions effectively.

Of course, presentation skills form the backbone of how we teach you how to deliver effective presentations. But there is also a certain magic that comes with doing, making mistakes and having success for yourself in a safe environment among peers who are all going through the same experience. This can add cohesion to organisations and expose and develop people’s leadership skills as an added bonus. Our aim in the course isn’t to create leaders, it may happen that some emerge as a natural consequence of being able to share their ideas more easily… they get noticed!

There’s an old maxim from teaching that says:

Nobody wants to be taught, everybody wants to be entertained’

This maxim forms the basis of our ethos in how we approach our training with you. We use the skills we teach to engage with you to maximize your ability to absorb. Teaching you in bit size tasks that are enjoyable and easy to digest.  As they say ‘We eat 5 Elephants of food in a lifetime, one bite at a time.’