Presentation Writing Services

The quality of your presentation plays a big role in getting the results you want. In a world where people are glued to their smartphones and tablets, it can be challenging to capture attention and make a difference. Planning and writing are essential for creating presentations that persuade your listeners to take the desired action, whether it’s buying your products or services, changing their minds on important issues, or viewing you and your organisation more positively.

When writing presentations, we take the time to completely understand your subject matter, audience and objectives. We create presentations for a wide range objectives and sectors, including:

  • Sales presentations – while building your credibility, we include logical and emotional appeals to persuade your listeners to purchase your products or services. We write sales presentations delivered at conferences, road shows and in-house.
  • Educational presentations – presenting your information clearly and concisely is essential if you want your listeners to absorb and remember the knowledge you are presenting. We plan and write educational presentations that spark audience interest and are remembered.
  • Motivational and inspirational presentations – if effectively created and delivered, motivational presentations can help people change their lives permanently for the better. We apply the techniques used by renowned motivational speakers to create presentations that motivate and inspire listeners to change for the better.
  • Professional presentations – from IT and medical, to building, manufacturing and resource industry conferences, we create presentations that help you connect with leaders in your industry. Our services include creating a customised PowerPoint presentation to complement your text for greater impact.

Flexible presentation writing services

You can choose the type of service to fit your requirements. If you are confident with your topic, we can assist you with creating a more powerful presentation opening and conclusion, while you deliver the main part of your presentation based on your knowledge. We also create outlines for presentations to ensure they flow smoothly and are easy for your audience to follow.

Examples of a few clients we have assisted recently include:

  • A manufacturing industry executive presenting at an internal company sales conference in Melbourne
  • A pharmaceutical industry leader presenting at a medical conference in Sydney
  • An IT security executive presenting at the CeBIT conference in Sydney
  • A building products developer and manufacturer presenting at a construction conference in Sydney
  • A real estate professional presenting opportunities to investors in Melbourne
  • A leading dental surgeon presenting at a university alumni event in Sydney.

Have an important presentation coming up, but don’t have the time to work on it or don’t know where to start?

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