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The professional speech writers at Speech Power offer speech writing services to create an effective speech or presentation that influences, informs and inspires your audience.   

A Speech Writer for All Occasions

Speech writing – also spelled speechwriting – is an art that dates back thousands of years to the Ancient Greeks. The speech writing process requires time and effort to ensure that all the persuasive elements are included. The challenge for many leaders is that they don’t have the time to craft their own speeches and presentations, while they don’t want to read an ‘article’ to the audience, written by a staff member who doesn’t understand the craft of speech writing.

As dedicated and highly experienced speech writers, we create presentations for busy leaders in business, government, education and a range of professions. Using a tailored approach, we take the time to understand your personal style, your objectives, the audience and the event. This ensures that your speech fits with your personality, connects with your audience and creates the desired results.

Whatever type or length of speech you need to deliver, our professional speech writers can work with you to get powerful results with minimal stress. We create all types of speeches. A sampling of our speechwriting services includes:

  • Speeches for leaders of multinational companies for internal meetings, public events and special occasions.
  • Presentations for business leaders presenting at industry and trade conferences.
  • Speeches and presentations for professionals speaking at conferences and industry events.
  • Keynote presentations for professional speakers.
  • Presentations and speeches educational leaders at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.
  • Speeches delivered at fundraising and charity events.
  • Speeches for government ministers and department leaders.
  • Speeches and presentations for non-government organisations (NGOs).

A good speechwriter (also spelled speechwriter) will give you the power to capture the audience’s attention and achieve your goals. Whether you want to include a strong call to action or want to change people’s minds, an effective written speech is the first step.

If you’re looking for a writer, we can help you with speeches and presentations to persuade audiences to the desired point of view, whether it’s to purchase your products or services, change their minds, or take action. When you hire a speechwriter from Speech Power, you’ll get an engaging speech that influences hearts and minds.

We have provided speech writing services to leaders across Australia — from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, to Darwin, Adelaide and Perth.

Have an important speech or presentation you need to deliver, but don’t know where to begin?

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Michael Gladkoff – Professional Writer Michael Gladkoff speech writer offering speech writing services

“I started writing speeches in the mid-1980s when I joined Toastmasters. In 2004, I began writing speeches professionally for leaders across Australia and around the globe. Over the years, I have written hundreds of speeches with a range of requirements. I continue to write speeches and lead a team of professional speechwriters based in Melbourne, Australia. Whether you’ll be reading it from the lectern or delivering your speech without notes and using the full stage, I will be glad to discuss your goals.”

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