Speech Power Book

Want to create more persuasive and memorable speeches and presentations?

Looking for ways to promote your products, services and ideas to diverse audiences?

Speaking at an important event and need a powerful speech that gets quoted in the media?

Speech Power — The Leader’s Guide to Creating Powerful Speeches and Presentations is a complete guide to creating more powerful speeches and presentations. The book is based on experience writing hundreds of speeches and presentations for leaders across Australia. Speech Power uncovers the essential elements to influence, inform and inspire audiences in any situation.

The book covers:

  • Planning and focusing on what you need to say
  • Creating openings that gain attention and keep audiences interested
  • Using stories effectively to have you messages remember
  • Connecting with audiences through humour
  • Writing effective speech endings to get the follow up actions you want
  • Leveraging the language of leadership to ensure your message goes beyond the event
  • Developing a writing style that’s easy to read and deliver
  • Building credibility, applying logic and evoking emotion in your speeches and presentations.

Speech Power gives you the tools to lead with more powerful speeches and presentations, whatever the objective, audience or event.

Communicating is the most powerful thing we do. Michael has condensed the history and his personal experience in creating powerful speeches – that call people to action – into an easy to understand and fun to read book that should be on the bookshelf of anyone wanting to communicate and influence at the highest level in speech. This will be a lifelong reference book for my speaking career.

This pragmatic ‘how to’ book is a brilliant contribution to fix the inconsistent world of speaking and presenting.  We have all seen more poor speakers than good speakers.  Follow Michael’s advice, and draw upon the real-life examples, to become a better speaker and presenter.  I could not put his book down– it’s a significant work. Thank you, Michael.