Getting the right message to your audience can make the difference in getting the result you want

whether it’s a selling your products or services, convincing listeners to accept your ideas, or influencing their actions and behaviour.

SpeechPower specialises in writing speeches and presentations for business, government and professional leaders

Since 2004, we have provided speech writing services to Australia’s leaders in multinational companies, government departments and ministries, educational institutions and professional organisations.

Public speaking is a vital element in leadership

yet too many leaders take their words for granted and fail to prepare speeches and presentations that connect with listeners, communicate their messages and get the audience to take action.

Each speaker, event and audience is unique, so we offer a tailored approach to ensure that your message matches your personality, objectives and listeners. Have an upcoming speech or presentation you need to deliver and want to create a powerful impact?

Contact us for a confidential, no-obligation consultation to discuss your goals for your next important speech or presentation. In addition to writing speeches and presentations, we create PowerPoint presentations and provide writing and presentation training and coaching. Visit our Services pages to find out more about our writing, design, training and coaching services.

keynote speaker and conference speaker Michael Gladkoff

Michael Gladkoff

Principal Speechwriter at Speech Power

Michael Gladkoff, the Principal Speechwriter at Speech Power, has over 30 years of speech writing experience. He is personally involved in every speech writing and presentation project delivered by SpeechPower. Over the years, Michael has written hundreds of speeches for clients in a broad range of fields. He also teaches writing and presentation skills throughout Australia. You can read his full bio at About the Speech Writer.

Over 30 years speech writing experience

Services backed by over 30 years of creating speeches and presentations.

Speech Power: The Leader’s Guide to Creating Powerful Speeches and Presentations

Professional speechwriter Michael Gladkoff has spent over 30 years creating speeches and presentations, and helping leaders communicate clearly, concisely and persuasively. In Speech Power, he gives you the essential aspects of creating persuasive speeches and presentations, including: – Developing clear messages that are easy to understand and remember – Creating openings that gain attention – Using stories for maximum impact – Connecting with audiences through humour – Writing effective endings to get the results you want – Applying the language of leadership to ensure your message is remembered and shared – Developing a writing style that’s clear and easy to deliver – Building credibility, applying logic and evoking emotion in your speeches and presentations. The book gives you the tools to lead with more powerful speeches and presentations, whatever the objective, audience or event.