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kick-ass sales presentation kick-ass sales deck

A kick-ass sales presentation and kick-ass sales deck are what you need when you need to close that big deal. Here are some tips to make your sales pitch to prospective customers to motivate them to buy your product or service.

Start by creating a connection

Regardless of your industry, business model or market size, the first step in the sales process, including when making a presentation to a group, is building rapport. People like to buy from people they can relate to, so this is the logical way to start. There are many ways to build rapport. You can start by being relaxed and friendly. Another important step is finding common ground. For a one-on-one sales presentation, this could be something as simple as going to the same college, living in the same city, liking the same sports team, TV shows or hobbies, or having common business or social connections. 

In a group setting, when presenting to a company, find out what you have in common with the business. It could be agreeing with their values or some other aspect that creates the connection. 

Uncover their pain points in your kick-ass sales presentation

You might have uncovered their pain points in a previous meeting. A kick-ass sales presentation will go over these pain points. In addition to showing that you can relate to their problems, discussing these points will set the stage for the solution that your product or service delivers. 

Tell stories during your kick-ass sales presentation

People love a good story. That’s why a kick-sales presentation will include stories about how your product or service solved a customer’s problem. It will also help keep them interested even when limited attention spans make for audiences to pay attention. This story should include a beginning where the customer was suffering the negative effects of the problem, a middle where they were looking for a solution, and an ending where your business entered the scene and helped them solve it. It’s best to show the customer as the hero, with your product or service playing an assisting role in the drama. 

Back up your solution with facts

While stories are crucial, facts will help you create a kick-ass sales presentation. These facts should show how your solution saves money, increases productivity, boost security, or gets results in some other way. Here’s an excerpt from a case study we wrote for a manufacturing solution provider.

Our solution for AT Pharma was to develop and install a building management system for the entire manufacturing site. The direct digital control system was completed over 18-months without interrupting the manufacturing process. It constantly monitors, measures and validates the air temperature throughout the facility, and automatically makes adjustments as needed.

Automated validation in the system ensures that AT Pharma is always ready for TGA audits. Each month it saves around 60 person-hours and $20,000 on the costs of retrieval, compilation and validation of critical data. These savings will achieve a full project return on investment within four years. 

Businesses want proof that your product will deliver a return on investment in some way, so show it during your presentation. 

Another way to show proof in a successful sales presentation is to include customer testimonials, especially ones that relate to the prospects you are addressing. 

Create your kick-ass sales deck

Your sales deck, or pitch deck, is the icing on the cake. Write your text and outline before you create a sales deck, not the other way around. Your slides should follow the text. Don’t go overboard with too many slides, so no more than one slide for every two minutes of the presentation. Keep text to a minimum on slides and use them to show your product or service in action and the results it delivers. A good way to end your kick-ass sales deck is to include highlights from client testimonials – no more than four of five sentences from each testimonial on individual slides. 

If you need assistance in creating a kick-ass sales presentation and deck, the speechwriters at Speech Power can help you create one.