Speech Writing Training and Coaching

Making speech writing accessible through our speech writing training and coaching programs.

If you are a business executive, public relations professional, a freelance writer or have no writing experience, we will tailor speech writing training and coaching to fit your requirements.

Since our speech writing training is based on the experience creating speeches and presentations for a diverse range of speakers and subjects, you get a solid foundation to become a powerful and persuasive speech writer.

Based on your circumstances, we will provide speech writing training one-on-one or in group settings. Depending on your requirements, speech writing training and workshops can run from a half-day overview to an intensive three-day course.

Our speechwriting training courses and workshops cover the fundamentals of creating powerful and persuasive speeches and presentations, including:

  • Planning as the starting point of effective speeches and presentations
  • Creating speech openings that win and maintain attention
  • Using stories to express your ideas, persuade and be remembered
  • Connecting with listeners using humour
  • Creating effective speech endings to get the results you want
  • Using the language of leadership
  • Developing a speech writing style that’s easy to read and deliver
  • Building credibility, emotion and logic into your speeches and presentations.

All our training and coaching programs include a copy of SpeechPower — The Leader’s Guide to Creating Powerful Speeches and Presentations and the accompanying workbook for each participant.

Want to empower you — or your team — with proven speech writing skills and techniques?

Contact us for a confidential, no-obligation consultation to discuss your goals and how our speech writing training can help you gain the skills to reach them.