Keynote Speeches and Conference Presentations

Michael Gladkoff, keynote speaker and trainer, delivers engaging keynote presentations on the art of persuasive writing and speaking. In his Speech Power keynote and training course, you’ll discover how persuasive writing and speaking have changed the world for the better – and how they can change our lives and organisations. As a keynote speaker and trainer, Michael unveils the ‘secret’ techniques used in historic and current speeches that have enabled speakers to influence and inspire audiences through the ages.

As a keynote speaker and trainer, Michael’s will show you how to:

  • Persuade your audiences using proven techniques used by prominent leaders
  • Create your speech in presentation in less time
  • Use ancient techniques used by many of today’s most admired speakers to influence and create a lasting impression.
  • Leverage your words to be remembered and get more media attention
  • Take the frustration and confusion out of preparing a speech or presentation
  • Employ time-tested techniques to influence listeners and make a lasting impression
  • Open and conclude your speeches and presentations with maximum impact
  • Include humour without needing to be a comedian.

Contact Speech Power for a confidential, no-obligation consultation to discuss your goals and how Michael delivers valuable and applicable insights as a keynote speaker and trainer.

I found Michael’s presentation to be extremely engaging and relevant. It provided me with a great number of tips that I look forward to implementing.

Luke WarrenProgram Manager, ARRB Group Ltd

Michael’s presentation was fresh and unique, reminding us of the power of language and how we can use it for great effect.

Sally ArnoldManaging Director, Sell Media International

Michael presents creatively and powerfully, assuring audience attention and the effectiveness of his message. He projects passion for his expertise.

Robert Carson Associate Director, UBS Wealth Management

Michael is highly skilled and shares his knowledge and stories in a very engaging way.

Emmy PeterssonRelocation Strategist, The Bridge – Easy Relocation

I greatly enjoyed Michael’s tips and advice on creating speeches and presentations. He offers a structured and easy to understand approach for effective communication.

John RieussetMarketing Manager, ABB Australia Pty Ltd

You leave Michael’s presentation with a ‘toolkit’ of ideas that you can apply immediately. It was very practical and useful.

Eva ClaesdotterExecutive Coach, A Broader View